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The Doctor Ana psychology practice is based in Chelsea London and is spear headed by Doctor Ana; a consultant clinical psychologist and family therapist, with over two decades of experience working with families. 

Multi-lingual and culturally adept, she brings to every engagement a dedicated profession­alism that inspires confidence, trust and respect. Her deep expertise and experience gives her a personal perspective that is uniquely insightful and helpful, allowing families to feel the difference almost as soon as they begin. 

Working with family businesses

Breakdowns in relations can be especially acute for families where wealth is a complicating factor. We create a safe and calm environment where difficult conversations can take place.

About the Doctor Ana


Areas of Expertise

Wealth related issues

Inheritance planning, disharmony, family communication in the board room, bereavement and adjustments to family business

Family issues

Family conflict, difficulties in relationships, difficulties co-parenting

Social communication disorders

Autism spectrum disorders, associated difficulties: sensory integration

Latest News

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