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Doctor Ana

Clinical Psychologist and Director

Doctor Ana is a consultant clinical psychologist and family therapist, with over two decades of experience working with families.

Multi-lingual and culturally adept, she brings to every engagement a dedicated professionalism that inspires confidence, trust and respect. Her deep expertise and experience gives her a personal perspective that is uniquely insightful and helpful, allowing families to feel the difference almost as soon as they begin.


Brief Academic History

2006 -  PhD Cum Laudem in Clinical Psychology, Deusto University, Spain

2003 -  Training and Consultancy, Management and Leadership in Mental Health Services, Cassel H. london

1996 -  Postgraduate Diploma in Family Therapy, Institute of Family Therapy, London 

1995 -  Postgraduate Diploma in Psychodrama, Sociodrama and Role Play, Howell Centre UK

1993 -  Postgraduate Diploma in Sociodrama, Buenos Aires, Argentina

1992 -  Postgraduate Diploma in Mental Health (MSc), Deusto University

1992 -  Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, Deusto University

1987 -  Clinical Psychology Degree, Deusto University

Supporting her are a team of highly trained and experienced specialists in their field, including clinical psychologists, family therapists, counsellors, psychiatrists as well as therapeutic practitioners such as speech and language therapists and neurofeedback specialists.

When we do not offer the specific intervention that may best meet your needs, then we will refer you to an appropriate professional. We do not ask you to fit around us: we fit around you.

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Stephanie Kelleher

Senior Assistant Clinical Psychologist

Stephanie Kelleher is a Senior Assistant Clinical Psychologist with a background of working in CAMHS and adult Neurodevelopmental teams. She has an Undergraduate degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Applied Paediatric Neuropsychology. Stephanie provides Neurofeedback therapy within the clinic and is looking to branch out into providing CBT programmes such as Balancing Heart & Mind and providing psychometric testing. 


Stephanie has always had an avid interest in Psychology and is hoping to do training for the Clinical Doctorate to further her understanding and contribution in this field. Stephanie’s approach to therapy is empathetic, she has a great love for children and a drive to ensure that they are able to feel supported in their development. Having had experience in CAMHS settings, this has furthered her knowledge and understanding of approaches to support children that are centred on their needs and goals.


Academic history

  • BSc in Psychology - University of Keele 

  • MSc in Applied Paediatric Neuropsychology - University College London


Employment history 

  • Worked in CAMHS and adult Neurodevelopmental teams

  • Worked in multi-disciplinary teams 

  • Contributed to Autism and ADHD Assessments 

  • Providing Neurofeedback therapy to children and adults


Laura Richardson

Practice Manager

Laura Richardson joined Doctor Ana as the Practice Manager in July 2022. Since joining she is working with Doctor Ana to implement a number of new systems and practice protocols to help the practice grow and each practitioner better deliver their services.

Prior to joining Doctor Ana, she has spent the last 14 years providing business support, having worked within administration, office management, finance and customer services for the majority of her career to date. With excellent time management, organisation and a keen eye for detail. Over the years she has worked for a number of high profile companies such as The Royal Holloway University, Intersystems, VMware and Regus, as well as taking time out to have a baby. Being self-taught in accounts and finance and her work history have allowed her to develop skills and a deeper understanding for her newest challenge in studying towards Event & Project management.

However, she has always loved Psychology and initially intended to go to university to study psychology. However as with life, things took a change of path. Little would she know that years later she would land a position where she would be able to reconnect with Psychology.

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