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Balancing Heart & Mind

Balancing heart and mind programme

We're delighted to be offering the Balancing Heart & Mind Programme to give children the tools they need to thrive!

Designed by experts and facilitated by qualified psychologists, the Programme teaches your child to develop emotional self-regulation, communication and decision-making skills - so they can handle everything life throws at them with confidence, resilience and compassion.

Give your child the skills to thrive

The psychologist-led programme tailored to your child's needs

Using a combination of one-to-one sessions with a psychologist, engaging video adventures and worksheets, activities and exercises, the Balancing Heart & Mind Programme gives your child the tools they need to thrive in a busy, modern world.

Focusing on emotional intelligence and building resilience, we teach your child how to:

  • Recognise and understand their emotions

  • Use their emotions as a guiding light for decision making and communication

  • Respond, rather than react, to the challenges of life

  • Make informed, reasoned decisions, using their emotions positively to creatively overcome obstacles.

The Balancing Heart & Mind Programme is designed around your child. Our psychologists will tailor their approach to each child's specific needs, making sure that your child builds the foundations they need for success.


What's included in the Programme?

Everything your child needs to succeed

The Balancing Heart & Mind Programme includes:

  • Initial and post-programme consultations to identify your child's individual needs

  • Communication, support & guidance at any point during the programme

  • 8 hour-long one-to-one sessions for your child with a psychologist - at your child's pace, with their needs in mind

  • Online video modules throughout

  • Worksheets, activities and assignments to ensure your child gets the most from the programme

  • Recommendations for methods of harnessing emotions for good

  • Certificate of Completion & Attainment

  • Further post-programme support where necessary


Frequently Asked Questions

More information about the Balancing Heart & Mind Programme

What will the Balancing Heart & Mind Programme give my child?

The Balancing Heart & Mind Programme is built to give your child solid foundations to tackle life with. Your child will leave the programme with:

  • a better understanding of their emotions

  • strategies for coping with anxiety

  • a better approach to discussing worries with others

  • an understanding of the importance of mental health & wellbeing for children

  • better mechanisms for regulating their emotions & handling stressful situations

How does it work?

The Balancing Heart & Mind Programme will fully immerse your child into the world of emotions, giving them the tools they need to handle whatever the world throws at them.

Using tailored one-on-one conversations (not lectures!) and engaging video content, our psychologists will guide your child through every stage - at their own pace, and in a manner that keeps them engaged.

Your child's progression is tailored specifically to them, and our psychologists will draw on expertise from a number of surrounding child therapy areas (including learning difficulties, developmental delays, anxieties / worries / phobias, dyslexia / dyscalculia and attention disorders) to provide additional coping methods wherever necessary.

How long does the programme take?

However long your child needs! Each child is different, and the speed at which they grasp the concepts we explore is different. All our one-to-one sessions will be paced for your child - rather than following a one-size-fits-all template.


Our sessions can be scheduled around school or other commitments, and the time between each session is up to you and your child. All you need to do is sit your child down with a laptop or tablet, and we'll do the rest!

My child seems resilient already; will this be helpful for him/her?

Yes! This programme is designed to build on whatever level of emotional development your child already has, and to give them the skills they need to be even more successful. It's tailored, engaging and will give your child practical advice, regardless of their existing abilities.

My child has diagnosed developmental needs: is this programme suitable?

In short, yes. The guided programme draws on the expertise of our psychologists in all areas of their practice, including working with children with developmental needs. If you have any concerns, please speak to us about how we can tailor the programme for your child's individual needs.

What is the cost of the programme?

The full Balancing Heart & Mind Programme, including access to all online material, pre- and post-programme assessments, 8 hours of one-to-one contact with our psychologists, and lifetime access to all materials, costs £850. This charge is payable prior to beginning the programme.

Teaching your child to develop emotional self-regulation, communication and decision-making skills.

Start the Balancing Heart & Mind Programme

To start the programme for your child, please get in touch with us. Our expert psychologists are happy to answer any questions you may have, and will arrange an initial consultation with you as soon as possible.

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