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Neurofeedback Training Experience by Stephanie Kelleher

In May 2022 I completed a 5 days specialist intensive training course on infra low neurofeedback training (IFL NFT).

The training overall was amazing and I enjoyed it thoroughly, which cannot be said for all training courses! The organisers and teachers were extremely knowledgable, helpful and patient and the course only consisted of 8 practitioners students. Having a smaller group allowed us to have rich and intimate conversations following the sessions, during our practical experiential time and in our breaks. We were able to converse about what we thought to be interesting and review things we may have been struggling to grasp.

The course started by providing technical and detailed information, as you would expect, due to the specialist nature of Neurofeedback Therapy. At times, this part was a little harder for me to follow. However, when we started incorporating the practical side in pairs and in the group, I understood how it all got put together and made sense.

During the practical aspects of training we were in pairs with one person being the client and one as the NFT Practitioner. Roles alternated throughout the week giving everyone the chance to be both. There was dedicated time every day to relay to the group how the NF sessions were going with your partner. By being a smaller group, I was able to gain further insight by listening to how everyone’s NF session went. Additionally, the structure of the course allowed us all to provide suggestions about what changes could be made to the protocol to allow for increased regulation for the ‘client’ and a better experience overall.

I learnt greatly from the experience of actually doing sessions with a client. My training partner had a very positive neurofeedback experience which I found satisfying and empowering. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience of the course and I would do it all over again, given the chance. I am now practicing and continue to learn under the supervision of an experienced neurofeedback practitioner and clinical psychologist. I am truly enjoying to see how people change and blossom as they train using NFT.

Neurofeedback works by making selected parameters of the client’s brain activity perceptible by relaying audiovisual information (which is altered and influenced by brain activity) back to the brain, so it can better regulate itself. Essentially, NF acts like a mirror so the brain can see its own activity though the effects it has triggered, thus allowing client’s symptoms to be effectively alleviated.


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