Our Journey Together


We start by making contact, exchanging information and booking an appointment. During this stage, you will be provided with all the information you need to make sure we are a sound match, able to support you at this point in your journey.


At our first meeting we share relevant information. We are open and frank with clients. As part of our role we may be exploring sensitive matters with you, working together in a shared process of enquiry. Our job is to ask questions, to be attentive listeners, to facilitate change. We do not set standards, values or goals. We expect you to share honestly, so our work may be meaningful.


During our first meeting we also agree on a plan and consider how long this may take. And, often, change may take longer than you think! For that reason we both need to monitor progress and be reassured that we are honouring our original agreement, accurately and efficiently.


The next stage is to consider who may be the most appropriate person or professional to work with you. We are a multidisciplinary team, so you always have access to a specialist for your given area. Sometimes we also consider specialist psychological testing so we can compare how things are today with how things at the end of a program of treatment.


At other times we may wish to do psychological testing to find out our strengths and difficulties in a given area, for example, emotional intelligence, memory, abilities, among others. Some clients wish to find out about a specific diagnosis such as attention deficit disorder (hyperactivity or inattentive); autism; specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia. This goal can be set in our plan and we will recommend a efficient way to achieve this, following the National Institute for Clinical Excellence Guidelines.


As we move along our time together we will continuously monitor how well we are doing for you, ask for your feedback and integrate it in the work we do. As we reach completion we will review our goals again, summarise our work and provide with any further recommendation if required.